Thursday, September 29, 2011

Save The Tatas!

I wonder who is still out here reading my blog.  If it is just me writing for personal pleasure, and to see myself type, so be it.

I am sitting here at the Baylor Hospital Medical Pavilion at the Darlene G. CSAs Women's Imaging Center, where I am waiting to have a mammogram.  Yes, me, a guy....

First off, let me explain.  About 2-3 months ago, I had a bump above my left nipple, and I thought it was either a random pimple or an ingrown hair.  I let it be.

A month later, it was bigger.  I thought the amount of iced tea I drank on a daily basis could be causing a cyst, so I cut out caffeine.  No bueno.

I finally saw my doctor, and he thinks it is a chat, but in order to make sure, he ordered a mammogram to rule out and/or confirm his diagnosis.

So, I sit here, with my BFF Jana, as I wait to have what tiny piece of boob I have.  It is very uncomfortable sitting here, even with a female, as I am the one answering the questions and filling out paperwork, and even wearing the name bracelet.

However, the women here on staff have been quiet and discreet...well, almost discreet...

I was waiting and though I heard my name.  So, as a good patient, I jump up and go to the woman calling my name, and she had actually called out a name similar to "Brad."  Needless to say, I was a tad embarassed and sat back down.  The receptionist that checked me in came over and told me that they handle men in a different way, a bit more discreet, because it can be intimidating to be at a women's clinic.  I smiled, winked, chuckled, and told her, "NOW you tell me!"  She laughed and apologized, but now I sit here waiting for the technician to come to me, privately, and take me back, where they won't be shouting my name.

Kudos to the staff for making the waiting room a little more comfortable for men!  Just make sure you tell to.gentlemen WHEN they walk in!

Oh, by the way: 1 in every 1000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.  #justsayin and #savethetatas


  1. That's a pretty decent way for them to handle the situation. I could imagine how awkward that would be. Hope everything turned out okay!

  2. It's been some months since a post. Just thinking about you today and hoping you are well, my dear other Brad! ♥

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